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Understanding the Differences Between Engagement Ring Metals at LeGassick

Understanding the Differences Between Engagement Ring Metals at LeGassick

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is an exciting journey, and selecting the right metal for your ring is a significant part of that process. At LeGassick, we offer a range of high-quality metals to suit different styles, preferences, and lifestyles. Here’s a detailed look at the differences between 18ct White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum to help you make an informed decision.

18ct White Gold

Appearance: 18ct White Gold has a brilliant, silvery-white appearance that enhances the sparkle of diamonds. It's an elegant and contemporary choice that complements a wide range of styles.

Composition: White gold is an alloy of gold and white metals such as palladium or silver, often coated with rhodium to enhance its whiteness and durability.

Durability: White gold is durable and less prone to scratches compared to yellow gold. The rhodium plating, however, may wear off over time, requiring periodic re-plating to maintain its lustre.

Care: To keep your white gold ring looking its best, regular maintenance and re-plating are recommended. This helps preserve its bright, white finish and protect it from everyday wear and tear.

18ct Yellow Gold

Appearance: 18ct Yellow Gold is the classic choice for engagement rings, with its warm, rich hue. Its timeless appeal suits traditional and vintage-inspired designs perfectly.

Composition: Yellow gold is an alloy of gold mixed with small amounts of silver and copper to achieve its distinctive colour and strength.

Durability: While 18ct Yellow Gold is slightly softer than white gold and platinum, it is still durable enough for daily wear. Its natural colour means it doesn’t require any additional plating or special maintenance.

Care: Yellow gold is relatively low-maintenance. Regular polishing can help maintain its shine, and occasional cleaning will keep it looking vibrant.


Appearance: Platinum is renowned for its stunning white sheen that doesn't fade over time. Its natural whiteness enhances the brilliance of diamonds, making it a luxurious and sophisticated choice.

Composition: Platinum is a naturally white metal and one of the purest options available, typically containing 95-98% platinum.

Durability: Platinum is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tarnish. Its density and strength make it an excellent choice for those seeking a ring that will stand the test of time.

Care: Although platinum is highly durable, it can develop a patina over time, which some people appreciate for its antique look. Regular polishing can restore its original shine if desired.

Why We Recommend 18ct Gold for Engagement Rings

While we offer both 9ct and 18ct gold, we usually recommend 18ct gold for engagement rings. Here’s why:

Purity and Colour: 18ct gold contains a higher percentage of gold compared to 9ct, giving it a richer colour and greater intrinsic value. This purity also means it is less likely to cause skin irritations for those with metal sensitivities.

Durability: 18ct gold strikes a balance between purity and durability. It is more resistant to wear and tarnish than 9ct gold, ensuring that your engagement ring will maintain its beauty over the years.

Value: While 18ct gold is more expensive than 9ct gold, its superior quality, durability, and rich appearance make it a worthwhile investment for a piece as significant as an engagement ring.

Making Your Choice

Selecting the right metal for your engagement ring is a personal decision that should reflect your style, preferences, and lifestyle. Whether you prefer the classic warmth of yellow gold, the modern elegance of white gold, or the timeless luxury of platinum, LeGassick has the perfect option for you.

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