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LeGassick Gift Card available at LeGassick Diamonds and Jewellery Gold Coast, Australia.

LeGassick Gift Cards


Whether shopping for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or celebrating a special moment in life, A LeGassick Gift Card is the perfect gift. Give them the gift of choice for them to choose their very own LeGassick piece.

Want to give the gift of a LeGassick piece but not sure what to choose? If you are worried you may not know exactly what they want, or you would like them to pick out their own perfect piece, as LeGassick gift card is the perfect choice to celebrate special moments in life. 

Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and every special occasion, a LeGassick gift card can make their dream come true. The best part? Gift cards are easy to purchase and redeem! 

A LeGassick Gift Card has an expiry date of 12 months from the date of issue. It can be redeemed in all LeGassick stores. If you are wanting to use a LeGassick Gift Card for an online purchase, please contact us so we can help you process this.

Free shipping on all website orders within Australia.

At LeGassick, we offer free, fast, secure shipping within Australia for any LeGassick website purchase.

All items are beautifully boxed and ribboned, just as if they were purchased at one of our stunning LeGassick showrooms.

We will supply you with a shipping code so you can track your beautiful jewellery on its journey.


We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about this piece. Please contact us through our chat below or through our contact page so we can help you find your dream LeGassick piece.

Free safe, secure shipping within Australia. International orders may include an additional charge, depending on your location.

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