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The Beyond Luxury Collection by LeGassick is the ultimate in bespoke fine jewellery.

The ultimate in bespoke fine high jewellery... The Beyond Luxury Collection.

The Beyond Luxury Collection is a showcase of exclusive, one-of-a-kind, world-class jewellery pieces designed and created by hand by LeGassick's own Master Jewellers. These designs contain only the world's rarest and finest gemstones, with a focus on composition and craftsmanship.


Nareece, our Lady of the Manor.

In the same way, great kings and emperors of history have built monuments and cities to honour their women, Nareece – our Lady of the Manor – has been designed and created to capture a noble yet feminine grace that knows no bounds.


Discover Victoria's hidden secrets.

Confident, loyal, passionate and loving... Victoria is the keeper of your deepest secrets.


The elegant Keilana.

With pure and simple elegance, Keilana represents coolness and calmness in your world.


Josephine, the guardian of the heart.

Fiercely protective over all matters of the heart, Josephine's magnificent 3.60ct pear-cut Rubellite tourmaline radiates deep love with unquestioning loyalty.


The fresh and calm Asherah.

As fresh and as calming as a summer breeze, Asherah gently floats into your world, bringing with her a sigh of fresh air.


The magnificent Monique.

Monique embraces her uniqueness and strength by displaying her magnificence for all to see.

Aurora is a handcrafted 3.87ct Spinel and diamond ring from LeGassick Diamonds & Jewellery Gold Coast.

The capturing and invigorating Aurora.

Capturing the invigorating energy of this magnificent, unheated 3.87ct Spinel, Aurora embraces every sunset and sunrise as if it’s her first.

Marilyn is stunning 2.24 carat round brilliant cut solitaire diamond ring. She was designed and handcrafted by LeGassick's Master Jewellers, Gold Coast, Australia.

The proud & feminine Marilyn.

Historically exquisite, Marilyn is wise, she is inspirational, and she is all things feminine. Proudly and unashamedly boasting her stunning 2.24ct round brilliant cut solitaire diamond, she needs no validation.


The ambitious charm of Cleopatra.

Noble and proud, Cleopatra displays her stunning 4.51ct round brilliant cut centre diamond for all to see.

Cleopatra 4.51ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring part of the Beyond Luxury Collection by LeGassick.
Melody features a trilogy of cushion-cut diamonds which includes a 2.11 carat centre stone with 2 x 0.50ct side stones that have been encircled by a halo of rare natural Argyle pink diamonds. Melody is delicately set with a further 40 round brilliant cut diamonds underneath the trilogy. She was designed and handcrafted by LeGassick's Master Jewellers, Gold Coast, Australia.

The captivating Melody.

Speaking the language of love, Melody will capture your heart and soul forever. Her impressive trilogy of cushion cut diamonds features a stunning 2.11 carat E SI2 centre stone that will leave you breathless, with 2 = 1.00 carat EVS2 side stones that have been encircled by an exquisite halo of rare natural Argyle pink diamonds, symbolising love, creativity and romance.

Grace has a 2.04 carat cushion-cut solitaire featuring 10 white oval cut diamonds on the band. Grace also features a natural Argyle pink diamond that has been nestled under her setting. She was designed and handcrafted by LeGassick's Master Jewellers, Gold Coast, Australia.

Grace, a show stealer.

A magical display of brilliance is seen in this stunning 2.04 carat cushion solitaire. Classic elegance encapsulates Grace as she oozes femininity that will transcend time.

Marihna features a 6.08 carat cushions cut natural green tourmaline poised atop two crowning halos of diamonds. Handcrafted in 18ct white gold with a feature glimpse of yellow gold underneath, her two stunning halos have an enviable total diamond weight of 1.42ct. She was designed and handcrafted by LeGassick's Master Jewellers, Gold Coast, Australia.


The majestic Marihna.

Majestically poised atop two crowning halos of diamonds, Marihna’s 6.08ct cushion cut natural green tourmaline is simply stunning. Her presence instantly commands the attention of all who admire her as she is to be forever adored.


The delightfully feminine Sierra.

Delightfully feminine, Sierra's exquisite 1.50ct D coloured, GIA Certified Long Radiant cut centre diamond is the feature player, giving her that enviable wow factor.

Sierra features a 1.50ct GIA Certified long radiant cut centre diamond, beautifully proportioned on either side with 2 heart shaped diamonds totalling 0.34ct. Handcrafted in 18ct yellow and white gold, she was designed and handcrafted by LeGassick's Master Jewellers, Gold Coast, Australia.


The sophisticated Katerina.

Radiant, resilient, and majestic... meet Katerina, a true work of art exuding sophistication and purity.


Lucy, a bright ray of sunshine.

Lucy brings with her all the love and light she can muster to brighten up your every day!

Lucy is a stunning 1 carat white diamond ring with a yellow diamond halo. Part of the Beyond Luxury Collection from LeGassick.

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