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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring: A Guide from LeGassick

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring: A Guide from LeGassick

Engagement Ring Buying Guide - How to make the perfect choice

At LeGassick we understand it can be overwhelming and daunting to begin the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring. We have combined our forces with over 30 years of experience in the jewellery industry specialising in engagement rings and have created a guide to help you know what to look for, and things to consider when you begin your search. 

1. Determine Your Price Guide

Start by setting a budget that feels just right for you. This is an investment in your future, so finding a balance between quality and affordability is key. At LeGassick, we offer a wide range of engagement rings to suit every budget. Whether you're looking for something modest or extravagant, we ensure you find a ring that's both stunning and sensible.

2. Embracing the Four C’s

When it comes to diamonds, the Four C’s—Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat weight—are crucial. These factors determine a diamond's beauty and brilliance.

  • Cut: The most important factor, affecting the diamond’s sparkle.
  • Colour: The less colour, the rarer and more valuable the diamond.
  • Clarity: Measures the purity and rarity of the diamond.
  • Carat Weight: Refers to the diamond's size and weight.

Take your time to explore your options and find the perfect balance that speaks to your heart. Each diamond at LeGassick is hand-selected to ensure only the most beautiful and brilliant stones make it into our collection.

3. Discover Your Dream Setting

Picture your love story beautifully showcased in the setting of your dreams. From classic solitaires to intricate halo designs, the possibilities are endless. Our friendly experts are here to help you explore different settings and find the one that perfectly complements your partner's style and personality. With LeGassick’s bespoke design services, you can create a custom piece that truly reflects your love story.

4. Select the Metal

The band is the foundation of your engagement ring's style. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of platinum or the warm glow of yellow or rose gold, choosing the right metal is essential. Discuss your preferences with our experts, and together we’ll find the perfect metal that sets the stage for your love to shine.

5. Size Matters

Ensuring the perfect fit is key to making your engagement truly unforgettable. We can help you discreetly find out your partner's ring size or guide you through the process of getting it just right. We offer a complimentary resize after you propose, ensuring the ring fits perfectly. This is all part of our commitment to making your experience as seamless and stress-free as possible.

6. Add a Personal Touch

Make your engagement ring truly one-of-a-kind by adding a personal touch that speaks to your unique love story. Whether it's a heartfelt engraving, a meaningful gemstone, or a custom design inspired by your shared journey, let's infuse your ring with the warmth and love that make your relationship unique.

7. Trust Your Heart

Above all else, trust your heart and follow your instincts. Choosing an engagement ring is a deeply personal decision, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Take your time, enjoy the process, and rest assured that your perfect ring is waiting to be discovered.

Our Expert Team Can Help You Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

At LeGassick, we believe that finding the perfect engagement ring is about more than just selecting a piece of jewellery—it's about capturing the essence of your love story in a single, stunning symbol. With our trusted guidance, expert craftsmanship, and exquisite selection of diamonds and settings, we'll help you create a ring that's as unique and beautiful as your love.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

LeGassick is committed to providing ethically sourced diamonds. We adhere to the Kimberley Process to ensure all our diamonds are conflict-free, offering you peace of mind alongside unparalleled beauty.

Visit LeGassick

We invite you to visit one of our beautiful showrooms to experience our collection in person. Our diamond experts are ready to answer any questions and help you find or create the engagement ring of your dreams.

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