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Renee Hudson

LeGassick Master Jeweller

LeGassick Jewellers Gold Coast - Master Jeweller workshop - Renee Hudson

LeGassick Master Jeweller at Pacific Fair. Renee has a wealth of experience in the industry, crafting gorgeous jewellery for over 19 years. Winning multiple awards for design and craftsmanship, Renee’s talent has been recognised all over the world as she brings to life her clients ultimate dream pieces to reality. Possessing a passion and skill for working with rare diamonds and gemstones, her pieces emanate high end luxury.

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What's your history in the industry?

I’ve been working as a jeweller for nearly 20 years. 11 of those years have been spent working at LeGassick. I completed an apprenticeship in Brisbane focusing mostly on learning to handmake jewellery. I then moved to a workshop where I could focus on learning repairs. This gave me all the skills needed to complete all aspects of jewellery making. When I started working for LeGassick I was able to further my skills and focus more on developing a drawing and design.

When did you discover you wanted to be a jeweller?

I have always been creative and enjoyed art at school. While growing up my grandmother fossicked and faceted gems in North Queensland which sparked a curiosity and love of gemstones from an early age. I completed some short silver smithing courses after finishing school, my passion for jewellery making grew from there.]

What are your favourite stones to work with? And your favourite pieces to create?

This is a hard one... I love all gemstones! Each one is so different! If I had to pick a few favourite stones I can’t go past a good quality Sapphire, Ruby, Paraiba Tourmaline and a beautiful well cut round or cushion shaped diamond. To be honest, I get excited about nearly every piece I’m working on. Every job is different and each piece of jewellery has meaning which makes every job I work on interesting in its own unique way. I do have to mention that I love creating one off pieces – something that I’ll never make again that is personalised to the wearer. I also enjoy making rings. I really enjoy the process of making a ring and I love that the person wearing it can look down on their hand and view it’s beauty as anytime.

Why is making jewellery so special to you?

I find the most joy from making jewellery in the meaning. I enjoy meeting clients and finding out what a piece of jewellery is going to mean to them. Every piece of jewellery ever purchased has a story behind it. I really love finding out what that story is and being a part of creating it. From an artistic perspective, jewellery making is a great balance of being creative and also being highly technical. I get to express my creativity but also use my mind to solve problems and build things. It really suits my personality.

Have you won any awards for your work?

I have been fortunate to get the opportunity to entre a few design competitions through my career. I have been a finalist in two Australian design competitions in 2012 and 2018. I won Australian Jewellery Design Awards – The Engagement Ring category in 2017. While completing my apprenticeship I came Runner Up for Apprentice of the year and won the Technical Aspects category. I have also completed my Gemmology studies and won a few awards during that – including student of the year.

Where could we find you on the weekends?

I love getting outdoors – hiking and spending time in the ocean. I love yoga, listening to music, watching documentaries, reading and writing poetry.

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