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Beyond Luxury

Rarest Gemstones. Exquisite, one of a kind masterpieces. Jewellery to be treasured now and for generations to come.

  • Aria

    Brilliant, majestic and alluring, Aria possesses a rare beauty that is truly one of a kind. With a 3.02carat D colour, oval shape centre diamond, being the whitest diamond on earth, her unrivalled brilliance and soft curves are enhanced by a matching pair of heart shape diamonds and completed with a delicate, Argyle pink diamond halo. With superb craftsmanship, Aria continues to delight and surprise from every angle as hidden details unravel to the eye. Aria is a true masterpiece that will hypnotise and inspire you now and for many generations to follow.

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  • Violetta

    With the most striking blue-purple tones, Violetta is simply mesmerising. Her 4.06ct cushion tanzanite centre offers the most striking and rich colour, contrasted and enhanced by her sparkling white halo of diamonds. With a strength of character combined with classic elegance, Violetta is a sophisticated masterpiece to be treasured now and forever.

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  • Kairi

    With a calm and tranquil beauty seen from her centre, Kairi makes a statement that is equally powerful and beautiful. The gorgeous green tones seen from the 6.67ct neon mint tourmaline centre builds her character from within. Her handcrafted design brings a sense of harmony and balance, celebrating the neon flashes of light that radiate from the glorious mint tourmaline centrepiece. A handcrafted Bonsai hidden beneath represents all this piece offers - a sense of calm, balance and truly brings the 'chi' feelings to all that look upon her.

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  • Scarlett

    Shining brightly in Scarlett's heart, is an exquisite and rare 0.25ct 4P Australian Argyle pink diamond. Intricately designed in platinum with a double halo of sparkling, rare white diamonds, Scarlett exudes a true regal beauty, ensuring a piece that will be treasured for many generations to come.

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  • Rosaleigh

    Rosaleigh encapsulates all her name offers with a gorgeous, crimson pink 7.68ct Tourmaline centrepiece, showcasing a striking beauty second to none. Handcrafted in 18ct rose and white gold, she oozes character and romance with subtle details, including a fine halo of diamonds set together with secret marquise diamonds. Rosaleigh offers a design to transcend time with a strong, feminine character and unique features that make her one of a kind.

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  • Eleanor

    As she captivates and mesmerizes from every angle, Eleanor features a 11.00ct colour changing watermelon tourmaline, a centre piece that is truly one of a kind. With the most gorgeous flashes of colour, offering mint green, white and blushing pink tones, the brilliance is enhanced by a fine halo of sparkling white diamonds, set atop a stunning band of round brilliant cut diamonds. With hand crafted detailing seen from every angle, Eleanor is sure to surprise and delight as she captures and radiates light and colour.

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  • Milena

    Diamond Perfection! A sparkling 2.01ct round brilliant cut white diamond takes centre stage in this classic diamond ring. Adorned with a tapering band of sparkling white diamonds, Milena is a timeless beauty, handcrafted with signature details. Radiating simple elegance, this piece is the perfect symbol of love and devotion.

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  • Dahlia Suite

    Delicate, feminine and celebrating the softness of the natural, rare yellow diamonds, Dahlia is a pendant and earring suite designed to add glamour to any outfit. Celebrating a matching suite of fancy intense yellow 1.23ct and 2=1.02ct cushion cut yellow diamonds, the collection offers a beautiful drop design featuring brilliantly white marquise, pear and round brilliant cut diamonds. A suite to be loved now and passed on for many generations to come.

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  • Estella

    Celebrating beauty like a bright, shining star, Estella offers a gorgeous piece of designer luxe. Combining handcrafted 18ct white gold embellishments with sparkling marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds, her heart takes centre stage with all the brilliance and beauty that radiates from the first night star. Encircling her heart is a fine halo of round brilliant cut diamonds, beautifully set in yellow gold to capture the grace and beauty of her centre star. Finished with a handcrafted 18ct yellow gold chain featuring gorgeous floating diamonds, Estella is a true masterpiece designed to transcend time.

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  • Aurelia

    Aurelia showcases a rare 3.95ct oval Mandarin Garnet, offering admirers flashes of neon orange tones and light that can only be seen from this incredible, one of a kind gemstone. Surrounding this amazing centrepiece, Aurelia features a brilliant, gleaming double halo of white diamonds, crafted from 18ct yellow and white gold. Intricate detail and glamour can be seen from every angle as diamonds shine from under the setting white still allowing flashes of orange neon light to be seen from the incredible Mandarin Garnet centre.

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  • Indigo

    With extraordinary flashes of blue, lavender and purple tones, Indigo mesmerizes and captivates with her 6.53ct Lavender Spinel centrepiece. Crafted from 18ct white gold, the delicacy of design is completed with 0.572ct of brilliantly white, marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds set in the shaped band, ensuring the focus is on the majestic colour seen from the Spinel centrepiece.

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  • Zara

    Shimmering with light and radiance, Zara showcases a rare, 2.11ct colourless cushion diamond centrepiece. Her sweeping, graceful curves of 18ct gold and 0.94cts of round diamonds roll down the band, exuding elegance and intricate detail from every angle. Completing her look, Zara carries 6PP Argyle Pear Pink diamonds, set on the side of the cushion cut diamond, creating elegance and adding to her sense of majestic royalty.

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  • Moana

    Mesmerizing, captivating and simply majestic! Moana holds an incredibly rare 6.11ct Neon Lagoon Tourmaline, reflecting spectacular colour and light with every movement. Crafted from 18ct white gold, her diamond halo with over 1.00cts of rare, white marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds not only adds intricate detail but draws attention to the unique colour seen from the Lagoon Tourmaline centrepiece. Moana is a masterpiece in every sense of the word!

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  • Skyla

    With a stunning 5.14ct Oval Aquamarine centrepiece, Skyla is the essence of tranquillity and purity. Enhancing the colour of her centre, Skyla features a unique halo with over 1.18cts of white round brilliant cut and pear cut diamonds. Crafted from 18ct white gold, her look is completed with diamonds rolling down the shoulders of the ring.

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  • Isabelle

    A timeless classic! Isabelle showcases a rare, brilliantly white 3.01ct round brilliant cut diamond. Hand chosen for her fire and brilliance, Isabelle’s diamond centrepiece is set in an elegant 18ct white gold 6 claw setting with tapering band. Isabelle is a piece to admire and treasure now and for many generations to come.

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  • Harmony

    With a striking, deep pink hue, Harmony celebrates her 5.54ct cushion Tourmaline centre stone. Delicately surrounding and encapsulating the gorgeous pink tones, Harmony’s halo of white pear and round brilliant cut diamonds add detail and glamour. An exquisitely crafted 18ct rose gold basket envelopes and holds the centre tourmaline from underneath, creating the perfect seat for this stunning gemstone. A masterpiece sure to be loved now and for generations to come.

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  • Heirani

    With a mesmerizing purple-blue hue, the 1.98ct Pear Tanzanite sings in Heirani. Showcasing intricate detail through the diamond drop design, she features over 1.00ct of brilliantly white and rare diamonds. Heirani is the essence of her name as her halo of brilliantly white diamonds crowns her Tanzanite centrepiece.

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  • Celeste

    Celeste possesses a regal beauty that transcends time. Crafted from Platinum, her brilliant 2.31ct Princess Cut Centrepiece has a brilliance and performance that provides the most amazing sparkle. With a gorgeous claw set design diamond band and completed with Rose Gold detail, Celeste is a gorgeous piece designed to be treasured now and for many generations to come.

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  • Allegra

    Celebrating the stunning clean lines of her 4.01ct Emerald cut diamond, Allegra is the epitome of classic elegance. With stunning diamond embellishments around the centre diamond, and an incredible, brilliant diamond band, Allegra exudes a majestic reverence that will transcend time. Allegra is all about her incredible centre diamond: a diamond that is one-of-a-kind in her rarity, beauty and brilliance.

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