LeGassick Diamonds & Jewellery Gold Coast, Australia
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The Heritage and Legacy of LeGassick: Over 30 Years of Excellence

The Heritage and Legacy of LeGassick: Over 30 Years of Excellence

In the Beginning... 1992

The LeGassick family has been an integral part of the diamond industry for over 30 years, meticulously hand-selecting some of the world's rarest and most beautiful diamonds and gemstones. Since 1992, when the first LeGassick store opened, the family's keen eye for detail and unwavering determination for success have transformed LeGassick into a cornerstone of the Gold Coast's diamond jewellery scene. Today, LeGassick boasts two stunning locations across the Gold Coast: Pacific Fair Shopping Centre and Runaway Bay Centre.

"At LeGassick, we are privileged to be involved in some of the most memorable moments of people's lives. It's an honour we don't take lightly, and we challenge ourselves daily to make the whole process as perfect as possible." - Darryn LeGassick, CEO

Into the Future...

The knowledge, expertise, and passion for beautiful, quality jewellery not only define LeGassick but are also key to its continued growth and success. The commitment to moving with the times while maintaining the high standards and values that the brand was founded on ensures that LeGassick remains at the forefront of the jewellery industry.

"Going forward, it's essential LeGassick continue to move with the times but never forgets where we came from and what we stand for... world-class jewellery of the highest standard." - Kenton LeGassick, Director

The Search for Perfection

LeGassick is recognised as Australia's premier diamond destination. The family regularly attends world-class trade fairs, constantly seeking unique, high-quality, and stylish designs that have become synonymous with the LeGassick brand. Family members play an active role in all aspects of the business, from the sales floor to the workshop and head office, ensuring the continued quality and excellence of their jewellery pieces.

"As an independent jeweller and family business, we have the ability to move quickly and play a role in the future of jewellery, retail and fashion. It's very exciting." - Wade LeGassick, Director

Why Choose LeGassick?

Experience the luxury, the wonder, and the excellence of LeGassick. At the core of every LeGassick piece is the guarantee of the highest quality diamonds, coloured gemstones, and metals. A genuine passion for beautiful, unique, and timeless jewellery attributes to LeGassick's continued growth and success.

Hand-Selected Diamonds

The confidence that comes from selecting a LeGassick diamond is unmatched. Every diamond undergoes an intense selection process by our diamond graders, each with over 30 years of industry experience, to ensure only the most beautiful diamonds become LeGassick diamonds.

LeGassick loves white diamonds and selects only those with the highest colour grades. The diamonds are chosen to be free from any visible inclusions, ensuring that even naturally occurring inclusions do not inhibit the diamond's brilliance or quality. We exclusively select diamonds independently graded by the world's best international grading companies, such as the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), and HRD Antwerp, giving you peace of mind and assurance that you are getting ethically sourced diamonds of the best quality.

Finally, LeGassick hand-selects diamonds that are cut to the very best standards. When a diamond is cut to the right proportions and symmetry, light reflects off the internal facets, creating unmatched brilliance, performance, and sparkle. This is what you want to see from a diamond! LeGassick has exclusively partnered with Hearts On Fire, offering our clients the opportunity to see and own the world's most perfectly cut diamonds. A Hearts On Fire diamond is the diamond of choice for those who want only perfection.

Ethical Sourcing and the Kimberley Process

At LeGassick, we are committed to ethically sourcing all our diamonds. We proudly adhere to the Kimberley Process, an international certification scheme that ensures diamonds are conflict-free. This commitment reflects our dedication to responsible practices, providing you with the assurance that every LeGassick diamond is not only beautiful but also ethically sourced.

Trust in LeGassick

For over three decades, the LeGassick family has built a legacy of trust, quality, and excellence. We are honoured to be part of your most cherished moments and are committed to delivering world-class jewellery that will be treasured for generations. Visit us at one of our Gold Coast locations and experience the LeGassick difference today.

LeGassick Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Shop 1558a, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach QLD 4218 P: 07 5538 5611 Email: pacificfair@legassick.com.au

LeGassick Runaway Bay Centre Shop No. 70, Runaway Bay Centre, Runaway Bay QLD 4216 P: 07 5528 9345 Email: runawaybay@legassick.com.au