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Men's Deluxe Gold Wedding Ring available at LeGassick Diamonds and Jewellery Gold Coast, Australia.

Men's 2 Tone Braided Wedding Ring


Discover stylish designs and superior craftsmanship, Made to Mean More


Modern technology meets hand crafted precision. Dora’s deluxe wedding bands combines sharp lines, laser cut patterns and unique blends. The Deluxe collection is for the man who wants something a little different.

Each Deluxe ring can be made to your exact specifications, ensuring you receive a ring that is truly unique and best reflects your style, taste, and personality!
Product Details
Collection: Deluxe Mens Bands
Fit: Comfort
Available Metals: 9ct & 18ct Gold
Available Width: 7.0mm
Thickness: 1.9mm
This premium ring is made to order. Delivery is approximately 3 weeks plus shipping to your destination. If you are not sure of your ring size, please let us know and we will provide assistance.

Do you need this ring in a different combination of gold types alternate width or thickness? Please contact us through the 'Enquire Now' button so we can help you find your perfect ring.

SKU: 287B00

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SKU: 287B00

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