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30 Year Celebration On Now - Shop The Celebration »

Tara Barnard

Master Jeweller at LeGassick Robina, Tara brings to life each piece with an abundance of skill, creativity and passion. With awards such as apprentice of the year and best technical and design portfolio, her creativity and skill flows through each piece she creates. Wearing jewellery invokes emotion and a sense of empowerment to its owner, and it's from this foundation Tara creates beautiful, one of a kind masterpieces.
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What is your history in the industry?

When I stepped out of high school I worked in sales in a jewellery store while studying fashion design and instantly grew a greater fondness for metal and jewellery rather than fabric and clothes.  My path took me overseas for 6 years before coming back and knocking on LeGassick’s door begging for an apprenticeship.  Lucky for me, I convinced them!  So there it officially began.

When did you discover you wanted to be a jeweller?

Although my path deviated for those 6 years overseas, my time working in Africa only spurred it on.  I came across some beautiful native pieces during my time there, from amulets, protective pendants, intricate inscriptions even slave cuffs and anklets.  I became intrigued about the ‘Why’ the jewellery was made and worn.  Although I loved my experience working in the Okavango Delta- (basically, living in Paradise) I dreamed of creating jewellery.

What are your favourite stones to work with? And your favourite pieces to create?

I love yellow diamonds. They are basically a ray of incandescent sunshine.  They just make me happy! And I especially I love making signature pendants. It’s like creating  personalised amulets. 

Why is making jewellery so special to you?

I love empowering people with jewellery.  More often than not, jewellery is about how it makes you feel.  Whether I start from scratch with new gold and gems or use heirloom gems.

Have you won any awards for your work?

I was apprentice of the year in my final year of my apprenticeship, awarded with: Best Design Folio, Best Technical Aspects, Best Overall Design, Apprentice of the Year.  2015.  My work was all inspired by my time working in Botswana.

Where could we find you on the weekend?

Oh, how long do you have?  I have sooo many hobbies- and they’re mostly of a creative nature.  I’m either playing guitar, painting or drawing, designing, exploring nature... I could go on.  I’m never bored.  Not ever.

Do you have any artists who inspire you?

Mother Nature. I do love old world oil painters, Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Dali.

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