LeGassick Product Care


Caring For Your LeGassick Diamonds
There’s nothing like the brilliance of your new diamonds, or any piece of jewellery for that matter, from LeGassick. We want them to look their best always and therefore, LeGassick provide lifetime complementary cleaning on all LeGassick Jewellery and Diamonds.

We recommend that you have your jewellery inspected by a LeGassick Jeweller regularly, when you bring your pieces in to be professionally cleaned, LeGassick Jewellers will inspect each item and provide a Jewellers Report noting any signs of damage or issue of concern, to prevent any further damage or loss and to keep all your LeGassick Jewellery in excellent condition for years to come.

In addition, white gold jewellery may need re-rhodium from time to time to restore the whiteness of the metal. The frequency is determined by the amount of wear and is a personal choice. A LeGassick Jeweller can provide their professional recommendations on your request.

LeGassick Product Care

An Investment That Will Last A Lifetime.


Storing Your Jewellery
Always store your jewellery carefully and try not to let the pieces touch to avoid scratching and marking. Best practice is to place your jewellery in the LeGassick boxes they came in each time you take them off. This way, they’ll keep in excellent condition and you’ll always know where to find them.

Additional Recommendations
In order to prolong the beauty of your jewellery and to reduce the risk of loss, it is wise to remove your jewellery before playing sports or exercising, cleaning the house or using harsh chemicals, putting on lotion, perfume, hairspray, shaving cream or other beauty products, doing laundry or gardening, swimming in the pool or at the beach, showering and bathing, experiencing extreme cold or heat.

Insuring your LeGassick Jewellery
No matter whether you purchase a Diamond Engagement Ring, earrings, necklace or any other piece of LeGassick Jewellery, insuring your beloved pieces is highly recommended. After making an investment in a beautiful piece of jewellery, knowing that your pieces are protected in case they are ever lost, stolen or damaged, is sure to give you piece of mind. LeGassick offer Jewellery Insurance that will cover your jewellery from the time you leave the store, to anywhere in the world. For more information on jewellery insurance, visit LeGassick.

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