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The feeling of confidence when selecting your diamond comes from knowing that its beauty and value far exceed any other. You can trust that every LeGassick diamond has undergone an intense selection process by one our Diamond Graders with over 25 years industry experience to ensure that only the most beautiful diamonds, become LeGassick Diamonds.

LeGassick love white diamonds, selecting from only the highest colour grades. LeGassick look for diamonds free from any visible inclusions. Furthermore, for any that are naturally occurring, we ensure that they do not inhibit the diamonds brilliance or quality.

At LeGassick, we look to select diamonds independently graded by the worlds best international grading companies (for example Gemmological Institute of America, American Gem Society and HRD Antwerp) to give you peace of mind and assurance you are getting ethically sourced diamonds of the best quality.

Finally, LeGassick hand select diamonds that are cut to the very best of standards. When a diamond is cut to the right proportions and symmetry, light reflects off the internal facets of the diamond meaning you see the most amazing brilliance, performance and sparkle! And this is what you want to see from a diamond!

A LeGassick Diamond is a whiter, brighter, more beautiful diamond.
Clarity in a diamond is defined as its freedom from natural inclusions, also known as clarity characteristics.
White diamonds come in a range of natural colours, from totally colourless – most rare and valuable – to light yellow, with a spectrum of shading in between.
Cut quality refers to the proportions, symmetry and polish of a diamond which ultimately results in its performance or brilliance.
Diamonds are broken down into carats and points. 100 points = 1.00 carat. It is important to note that carat refers to the weight of a diamond, not to be confused with size (diamonds are measured in millimetres).
A Whiter, Brighter, More Beautiful Diamond.