White diamonds come in a range of natural colours, from totally
colourless – most rare and valuable – to light yellow, with a spectrum
of shading in between. The less colour a diamond carries, the more
white light can pass through it and be dispersed as dazzling rainbows
of colours on top.

  • DEF
  • GHIJ
    Near Colourless
  • KLM
    Faint Yellow
    Very Light Yellow
    Light Yellow

Still, colour is a personal choice. When you choose your diamond, it's
important to look for the one that appeals to you. As all LeGassick
Diamonds are hand selected by one of five diamond graders, choosing
a LeGassick Diamond means that you know that you're selecting a
whiter, brighter more beautiful diamond in the top colour grades.

LeGassick means...A Whiter, Brighter, More Beautiful Diamond
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