Diamond carat

Diamonds are broken down into carats and points.
100 points = 1.00 carat. It is important to note that carat
refers to the weight of a diamond, not to be confused with
size (diamonds are measured in millimetres).

  • 0.25ct

  • 0.5ct

  • 1ct

  • 2ct

  • 3ct

  • 4ct

  • 5ct

Diamonds hold the greatest value in the smallest volume.
Diamond Carat

The brilliance of a diamond (cut, colour and clarity) is more important than the weight. LeGassick look to select diamonds that are cut for beauty and consistency, not only for size. For this reason, a smaller LeGassick diamond will actually look more beautiful than a larger non-LeGassick diamond, due to its superior cut, colour and polish.

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