BUYING DIAMONDS ONLINE - Buying anything online comes with a certain level of risk but perhaps more so with diamonds as the average purchase price is usually in the thousands of dollars. The appeal of buying diamonds online is a competitive price, as they are typically cheaper than buying from a jewellery store. Why is buying LeGassick Loose Diamonds online different? With a 22 year history of sourcing and selecting some of the most beautiful diamonds on Earth, LeGassick has grown to three luxurious stores in South East Queensland and developed an impressive reputation for providing clients with quality, brilliant, white diamonds. How do I buy LeGassick Loose Diamonds online? LeGassick offer you two options to purchase your diamond online: Buy Online with Direct Shipping or Schedule an In Store Consultation. LeGassick has chosen to offer selected loose diamonds online to provide a safe, reliable and quality buying experience for shoppers who can trust LeGassick’s expertise in selecting quality, beautiful diamonds and who are looking online for a competitive price.
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